Valentine’s day GIVEAWAY!

Even if I never celebrate Valentine’s day (it’s Valentine’s day every day, man!) I want to spread some love and just say “THANK YOU ALL for your support, kind words, for encouraging me, noticing my work and appreciating it. And just, you know.. for being so nice, cool, weird and keeping in touch.” to all of my followers with a GIVEAWAY! I think Valentine’s day is very much appropriate for expressing my feelings, showing some love and being generous. This small business brought me so much joy in so many ways and I just want to show some gratitude by sending a little piece of me to one of you. I’ll post one of my works (won’t tell which one, though, but I think it’s my favourite one so far) on my Instagram profile tomorrow ( February 14th ) and you can enter there.


Tag one or more of your friends in comments under photo I’ll post. No need to share it and no need to follow me! Seeing people unfollow my profile after giveaway ends makes me kind of..  I won’t say sad but.. I don’t know. Not happy, to be honest. Sadly, there’s only one lucky winner because I can’t afford to give gifts to you all, although I would love to do that. So, following me is not a condition to enter but you are more than welcome to join me on my Instagram journey.. well, soon to be “sick leave”.

Giveaway will last for five days. It will end on monday, February 19th. I’ll ask my cat to help me with “lucky winner ruffle” again – she already did it twice and she’s a total pro now. There will be only ONE winner and my cat and I will announce who that is on the same day giveaway ends. I’m shipping worldwide and shipping costs are on me, so whole planet is welcome to enter.

I’ll take a short brake from macramé after this. Hopefully I’ll manage to make someone’s day nicer with this gift before I take some time off and flood my Instagram with photos of my home, cat and plants 🙂 It’s not like I’m saying goodbye, it will just take a while for me to get back to macramé for sure. I’ll keep you posted. Nevermind.

Good luck to you all and THANK YOU !

*note:  the product may not be sold, rented or used for profit.


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