KOEL magazine feature


I am more than happy to show you our macrame backpacks being published in KOEL magazine [ issue 4 ] under “KOEL Stuff” column, pg.101. Text next to the photo says:

” Going places

Look stylish on your next road trip with this sophisticated backpack. Handmade by Lejla Žorž in Slovenia. Never leave home without it again, at EUR (€) 150. etsy.com/shop/OrnamentistShop “

Now, I have to make one thing clear here. Backpacks are not fully my work and I should never get all credits for it. They were made in collaboration with Laura. who is an amazing designer. She’s included and present during whole process of making, she’s sewing and designing our backpacks, also helping decide on fabrics and color palette. I always give credits to her because I appreciate her work, because we’re a team and because her part in whole process of making is irreplaceable. Although I specified that in my e-mail to Koel magazine when they contacted me, unfortunately there was misunderstanding and her name wasn’t mentioned in this publication.

So there. Just so you know. Two pairs of hands stand behind this wonderful product!

Nevertheless, we would like to thank Koel magazine for finding us and choosing to feature our work among other wonderful artists. We take this as major achievement and we appreciate it a lot. We are more than happy our backpacks are reaching global audience, we are fully awared we created a very unique and high quality product and couldn’t be more proud of ourselves. At the same time we are awared our unique work is now exposed to wider public. Hopefully people will support and also respect our ideas, hard work, creativity and intellectual property.

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