Svetlana Makarovič with guests, “Kdor glada ljudi skozi mačje oči”
author: Svetlana Makarovič
organisation: SiTi Teater BTC
(hosting) location: Kulturni center Janez Trdina, Novo mesto / SiTi Teater BTC
lighting designer: David Andrej Francky
lighting operator: Dani Žorž
scenography: David Andrej Francky, Lejla Žorž

This project started very spontaneously for me. David Andrej Francky, who was technical manager at SiTi Teater BTC at that time, invited me to help with scenography for Svetlana Makarovič’s concert titled “Kdor gleda ljudi skozi mačje oči”(Who looks at people through cat’s eyes) in January, 2017. Svetlana Makarovič is a Slovenian writer of prose, poetry, children’s books, and picture books, and is also an actress, illustrator and chanteuse. Concert was organised within special program of Siti teater – “SiTi za dobro musko” which was set to offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy excellent sounded concerts. In a cozy, more intimate ambience than most concert halls, seven Slovene musical ensembles are presented once a month, where renowned authors and artists share a special experience with audiences who appreciate quality repertoires in the comfort of their seats.

David’s vision for this concert was to create a feeling of massive living room mess, caused by cat. We used ropes, hung them from ceiling and all across, which created wanted effect. We also connected audience with performers and allowed them to be part of stage ambient by extending ropes above few front rows of seats.