Laura. is a textile designer, finishing her studies at Science and Technical University in Ljubljana; creating under her own brand called “Laura.”. We met for the first time in summer of 2016 when I ordered my first custom backpack and completely fell in love with it. She knew exactly what combination of colors and materials to choose for me, after meeting me just once. What amazed me the most was not only her feeling for customers wishes and perfect look that suits their personality and style, but also high quality of materials and production. Each of her backpacks is unique and handmade work of art as she never repeats her designs. You can find her products in her Etsy shop: Laura.

I wished I could be a part of her story and that’s how our very first collaboration happened. We merged our passions and created unique, high quality, modern and sophisticated macramé backpack.

After making first one we realized we want to continue our collaboration since we enjoy spending time together creating. Biggest benefit from this situation was most definitely our friendship.

So, our story continues..