Lejla Žorž, artisan

Crafting came very spontaneously to me, timing was perfect. I was struggling with unemployment and I had all the time to make a unique, special and personal gift for my friend who was pregnant – I made baby mobiles from natural materials (driftwood, wool, cotton rope and wooden beads) and that’s where the idea for (so called) wall ornaments was developed from. Simultaneously I made my Facebook page and Instagram account to present my work. Since the response was very positive and overwhelming, I continued with my work and tried to discover possibilities of rope crafting. I hesitated with online shop for a long time because I never intended to make a business out of it, but my friends talked me into it and I am more than grateful for that. I learned to tie my very first macramé knot as a result of my plant obsession – for a plant hanger and that’s how I fell in love with macramé technique. I’ve also learned few more knots and started making various products since macramé is so versatile. Whole arts and craft movement is so attractive I wanted to stay surrounded by it to improve my skills and find my own style although I feel like I’m still learning.

I love everything this small business brought me; work itself, learning some marketing skills, masters degree in Instagram and WordPress, getting to meet new people, joining different communities, finding some amazing artisans who inspire me, collaborating and having control over everything I do. Plus, spending time at home with my cat in peace and quiet is priceless.

I’m also very proud I was able to find my place in the sun with what I do and with what makes me happy.

photo: LR weddings